Not so fresh down there?
It could be bacterial vaginosis (BV)

If you have noticed a ‘fishy’ odour, it could be bacterial vaginosis.
BV is a common vaginal infection affecting women of childbearing age. Fortunately, BV is often easily treatable, so you can get back to feeling fresh and confident again.
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Fleurstat BVgel – your clinically proven treatment for BV available over-the-counter

Fleurstat BVgel is a treatment for  bacterial vaginosis and provides relief of its unpleasant symptoms. It works to by disrupting the attachment of BV-causing bacteria to the vaginal lining. 
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If you suspect something is not quite right 'down below'

BV is very common; it is also very commonly mistaken with the yeast infection, thrush. Thrush treatments will not help relieve the symptoms of BV, so it is a good idea to learn more about the most common signs and symptoms of BV. Click here